I'm Valerie.
Glad you're here. :)

Way back in June 2006 I started this blog before my second big trip abroad. (The first one was my Study Abroad trip to Oxford, England with Abilene Christian University.) Now I was on my way to Cardiff, Wales for the summer to complete my internship. Mostly I didn't want to pack. 

Fast forward a few years, I graduated from ACU, worked in the real world, decided to mix it up and I joined the Peace Corps. In May of 2009 I headed to Bulgaria (Eastern Europe, bordered by Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia and the Black Sea. It's cool. I didn't know where it was either.) It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The nearly two and half years I spent in Bulgaria (and traveling around Europe) were some of the best times EVER. I'm so thankful I got to live among the people of Bachevo, learn Bulgarian and see what life is like in a place that's not Dallas, Texas.

During that time I traveled to 15 different countries:
1. Bulgaria
2. Macedonia
3. Italy
4. Switzerland
5. Greece
6. Turkey (x2)
7. England
8. Spain
9. Germany (x2)
10. Romania
11. Serbia
12. Bosnia i Herzegovina
13. Croatia
14. Hungary
15. Austria

Not a bad deal, huh?
(I've also been to Scotland, Wales, Portugal, Holland, Jamaica, Mexico, Qatar and the UAE.)

All that to say.... I love America and I love Texas. I never knew how great America really is until I wasn't here (at all) for over two years. But now, I'm happy to be home.

PS. I love talking about Peace Corps and my travels. If you ever have questions, email me at valerie.goode@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean you have spent two and half years in Bachevo ? How it comes .. I can't believe this :)