Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh ya know...

Well, it's about 930am Dallas time and I know the mom has already checked out the blogs so I feel like I should entertain her! Although I don't have much to say I figure I could have some thoughts/comments for the world!

So not too much is going on in Dinas Powys, Wales at the moment. My plane ticket to Portugal got bought today so that's official! I've also listened to a few CD's and written reviews on them. That has been pretty cool because I've been getting some good music on my computer! I wrote the reviews to Brian Littrell (formerly of Backstreet Boys... I know, I thought the same thing too!), Casting Crowns, and MercyMe. The reviews are posted on the Ignite website if anyone would like to know my thoughts on those. (They're not that exciting!)

I got a DVD player for the house and borrowed CSI season one so that has been quite exciting for me to watch. The past few evenings have been full of homework and CSI! Also some walks around town. Last night, I got my iPod and just started walking and wasn't too sure where I was going. I ended up going in a big circle and easily found my way back to my house along with Texaco!

I really do miss Diet Coke. It's readily available here but it's so expensive and I just can't justify drinking the same amount of Diet Coke I do in America! I might even be drinking more water than Catherine! Also, I've been drinking hot tea quite a bit... even with milk every once in awhile! I might as well be British! (By the way, no need to say 'hot' tea here because they don't so much have 'iced' tea here! Sad!)

Hmmm, what else? On Tuesday we had a Prayer meeting and it was so awesome! It was about three hours of fellowship and studying Psalm 119. We all went off by ourselves for about 20 minutes and were able to read whatever part of 119 we wanted to. It was so cool to see how different verses were interpreted by each of us. (There were about 15ish of us there.) It also fit in nicely since I'm reading Psalms at night anyways. They do the prayer meetings about once a month so hopefully I'll make it to two more! It was very encouraging!


vicki said...

Veeves, what a wonderful report of "not much happening in Dinas Powys," and I hope the next walk will be with camera in hand. The Bible study sounds like a blessing, too. I have gotten some great insights just from listening to another person's take on a scripture I thought I "got" from reading it alone. Keep up your posts! Lylaf, the Mom

Catherine said...

That is great! I love good ole 119... that really encouraged me during the summer I worked Leadership Camps at ACU and has stuck with me ever since!! But, I don't think you will ever be able to drink more water than I!!! Nalgene bottles just love me!! I <3 you!! I am going to go find your reviews now!

Lyndsey said...

Read the reviews - and you convinced me to track down the MercyMe CD, so good work. Got to go read Ps 119 - I'm feeling left out. Oh yeah - what's up with Dirk? He's obviously distraught you left him, and oh was it showing last night. NY in NY!