Monday, June 26, 2006

A Tour of the House!

Pretty busy weekend. I worked at two different youth events on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's key speaker was a guy that works with Ignite so we had a booth there and then on Sunday, Ignite sponsored the event. It was pretty cool, there were about 400 or so youth. There was a praise and worship band and a speaker from Mercy Ministries. I also "The Lake House" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Just in case you're wondering, WORST movie ever, don't go see it.

This is Beth, Vinod, and Dave. Beth is Nigel's daughter and the other two guys work for Ignite.)

Here's a slight tour of my house...


vicki said...

Hey, Veeves, glad you posted the photos. Your house is impressive...very stately on the outside and neat with lots of light on the inside. Where is the frig/freezer? Good photo of you and B, V, and D as well. Hope each of you is having the best summer ever. JB and I went to see Prairie Home Companion. It was good, even for a not so avid fan such as yourself, perhaps. Doubt it is being shown internationally, however, but just in case. I will have to check the DMN review of Sandra and Keanu to see if your review matches theirs. Just watching the previews on TV I couldn't figure out the premise. Maybe its true that every possible story has already been written/made into a movie, so all thats left is the dregs (and remakes). Have a great day and remember it all so you can tell me all about it! Lylaf, The Mom

Lyndsey said...

How very British! Sarah Smith moved into my house today. Woohoo!
PS - People, EW & Time all agree with your review!

vicki said...

Veeves, you've got a lot of nerve complaining about Lyndsey's slow posting! There better be something new and wonderful here when I get up and check of a morning!! And will I get news from Portugal? I'm stressing already (JK!!)

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Great house! Glad you are having a great time!
Have a great day!