Sunday, June 04, 2006

What to do in order to avoid packing!

Oh Vick this must be your lucky day! A dream come true some might say... now you can be updated with my life and tell all your friends about my daily adventures because we know you enjoy talking about Blogspot way too much. So yall are all at church and I'm sitting on the floor doing everything I can besides packing. I know you love the house being strewn with all of my belongings!

So what are you gonna do without me for two whole months?! I just don't dang-on know! Surely you'll survive. (If worse comes to worse, you could always text message you-know-who!) If you think about it, you could have the summer of your lifetime visitng children across the world! I'm sure dad would go for that idea without thinkin twice about it!

Anywho, I doubt this will be as funny or as witty as the other Goode kids (and by that I really only mean Lyndsey and Becky) but you will be my faithful reader so I will try to keep you entertained. But on the serious side, I think this is going to be a major turning point in my life. After everything that's happened in Abilene recently, I knew God wasn't going to send me around the world for nothing and I think that this is what I need to be doing instead of being in Abilene this summer. I'm hoping that my heart will be open to change and become the person that I know I want to become. I'm going to miss you tons because we all know you're one of my best friends and I truly do enjoy your "old people humor." Sorry I'm going to miss the big 6-0 as well, but we both are aware that all it means is you're going to become even funnier (or at least think you are!) I guess my next post will be live from the U.K.!


Lyndsey said...

Woohoo! I'm the first comment. Sorry I'm missing the packing excitement, but I can't wait to hear all about your adventures spreading VeggieTales throughout the world - I forget exactly what scripture that is - and your pursuits of Wales, the Princes of. And a final note of blogger wisdom - be careful about addressing these just to the Mom or Becky will come after you - and you know how the Jeffreys can be. :)

vicki said...

Post #2, and giddy with excitement for you, somewhat tempered by the exasperating realization that you felt free to take my green plastic binder...universally recognized as the symbol of the wedding closet ministry! If they don't have another green one at Target, I may have to get out of ministry altogether. See, you have already changed a life!! Really, we are eager to read of your adventures. God bless you, go with God...The Mom