Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back from Portugal

I'm back from Portugal and I obviously didn't have internet access while I was there. (I more chose to not have internet access but that's besides the point.) I'll write tomorrow since it's nearing 230am and I'm kinda tired. It was amazing though and I miss it already!


Lyndsey said...

You're alive! Can't wait to hear all about it.

vicki said...

Hey, Veevsie, it was so good to finally hear your voice last night. You had to be so tired, but thanks for calling. Hope you are sleeping peacefully and will wake up ready to meet the day with a smile. We love you and love who you are becoming. Lylaf, and blessings on you! The Mom

Nigel said...

Hi there Veeves,
So glad you enjoyed Portugal and found some time for mission in between meeting all those Portuguese guys.
Enjoying having you here in Ignite this summer, and praying that you'll discover more and more of God's purpose for your life.
The Nigel.

Catherine said...

Portguese boys??!!!! WHAT!!! You can't give your sister a call and inform her of all the juicy gossip! HOW RUDE!!! I'm glad that you had a fabulous time in Portugal! Maybe you can move back to the UK once you've graduated!! How cool would that be! I'm so totally jealous! LOVE YOU LOADS AND FOREVER BYE (since you got confused the last time I wrote that down!) :)