Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend Overview

Sorry it took so long!

Let's start off by saying I've yet to go to Bath. Supposedly we're going Wednesday but we'll see. I'm not in any hurry! Plus, Saturday I leave for Portugal so let's all be sure to root for Portugal in the World Cup so I can be there if they win the finals!!

Friday I didn't go into work... I went shopping! I went into the City Centre and roamed around the streets of Cardiff for a few hours. Picked myself up a few items... maybe even some items for others. So that was nice to sleep in and spend the day exploring. I got back from shopping and went out into this garden on the Hebron Hall grounds and read "Blue Like Jazz" for awhile. Good book, beautiful day, and I don't know if it gets much better! Then I went to my first ever cricket match. Now I wasn't exactly excited about it to begin with but I didn't have much else to do. After watching it on the TV before I had no interest in it. But it was actually really fun and I think I might've actually figured out the game. (After much explanation from Nigel and Gary!) I think I might be going again on Wednesday.

Saturday was my depressing day. I wouldn't exactly say I'm homesick but I get bored/lonely sometimes. I don't have a car and I live by myself. I was verrrrry glad mom answered the phone and talked to me for an hour or so. (Since Cat's out of the country and Lyndsey is never available... something about a job I think.) But yeah, so I sat around for awhile then went back outside to a bench and read the rest of my book. That was good because I always feel like a smarter and more accomplished person when I finish a book. Finally, at 9pm a couple of people finally came and got me and we went downtown to experience a Saturday night in Cardiff. I'll leave it by saying that I was home by 11:15.

Sunday was good, church at Bethel Baptist in Pontyclun with Abi and a couple others. Hung out all Sunday with Abi and her friends from Newport.

Today is Vinod's last day. He flys out at 2a.m. back to India. We had a prayer morning with the office team today and were able to collect £246 for Pavarka who is the preacher of the Ignite church in India and also Vinod's uncle. That was encouraging and he was very excited! One more month(ish) and I'll be back in Texas!


Lyndsey said...

My apologies for my job - if it makes you feel any better, I spent most of yesterday REALLY wanting to talk to you too - so call me! I'm off the next 2 days...and whatever shall I do with 2 days off!

Catherine said...
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Lyndsey said...

Yes, dear sweet Catherine, it was simple to call you when you were in FIGI!