Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I just got back from spending the morning at IKEA writing down and pricing some furniture and other items for the Cymru house (where I live). There's five people moving into the house come September and it needs some work!

Last night was my going away BBQ with a lot of the Ignite team. It was lots of fun and then made me sad because I leave Cardiff for London on Friday afternoon! I can't believe it!

Nigel, the boss

The team who got to come including Gill and Bethan


vicki said...

Good to see a Wednesday post! The team looks happy, must have been good bbq. I know you will miss everyone but they can keep up via this way cool blog site when you would otherwise be just a distant memory for them!

so they have Ikea in Wales, too, huh? I'm sure you picked out good stuff since you have a flair for decorating. We can hardly wait to welcome you home! lylaf, the mom

Brooks Inc. said...


Just spent time catching up on every last word...I am so thankful for the expereince that you have anxious to see how the Lord continues to unfold every last detail of your life...

Nigel is hilarious...however, the similarities between him and Mort I am afraid end there...I am si thankful for the friednships you ahve formed with all of these new freids...may the Lord continue to pour out His blessings on you and them!

Love you so!


Brooks Inc. said...

I am afriad I need to utilize spell check a bit more...I know all of you Goodes are into that! :)

Brooks Inc. said...

I just cannot get it right...AFRAID! I have a college degree, I can post on a blog with correct spellimg!

Lyndsey said...

Veeves - so cute! And am so glad you made it to IKEA - you know there's nothing I love more. And who would've thought they BBQed in the way, don't forget to bring me back my prince...and, oh, do you need to call me on Saturday!!!

Beck - I have met Payton & Benj, so I think the fact that you're even able to sit down at a computer long enough to type that is a victory - your time is much too precious to be wasted with spell check!