Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ACU Homecoming!

How blessed am I to have such a wonderful family?! (And one that has an awesome ranch in Baird!) So much fun... AGAIN!

4 wheelin action!

I think this could be one of my favorite pictures ever! Benjamin is just way too cute! Good job Beck!

Beautiful cousins, Becky and Kelly! How fun are they?!

Thanks for the action shot mom!


vicki said...

Veeves, these pix are so cute! glad you are sharing them with the world. We are blessed to have this wonderful family. maybe someday soon I will post the rest of the great ACU memories shots...lylaf, the mom

Catherine said...

I'm so so so so so jealous... are you feeling me! You're hair looks great though! I love your guts! COME VISIT ME!!!!!!!

Lyndsey said...

Super cute! And I'm sharing in the jealousy. And I guess your hair is no longer a secret from Catherine...oops!

Lyndsey said...

PS...thanks for your help tonight with Jenn...I'll keep you posted!