Saturday, March 28, 2009


The official countdown: 52 days until I leave Dallas, Texas.

It's getting so... what's the word? Final. I've known since November that come May 19, 2009 I'd start on the trek to Bulgaria. I remember thinking that the time would never get here but it's flying by. DANG.

Either way, I'm so excited!!! I've been in the process for nearly a year! It's time to go and start this adventure!!! I got some new info regarding departure. I'll be flying from Dallas to DC for staging. (Get my Visa, passport, etc.) Then fly to Sofia (София) and head to Vratsa (Враца) where I'll be for the first 3 months.

Otherwise things are good. The NYC trip was a success. Saw Jersey Boys (loved it!) and Wicked (for the 3rd time and still loved it). Now I'm back in the routine of school.

The fam


vicki said...

I for one am impressed with the Cyrillic alphabet showing up in your post. I looked and looked and can't see them on my keyboard. You are truly the coolest. We will miss you

Chelsea said...

Hey! My cousin is in Jersey Boys! He is an understudy for about 8 different characters, so who knows who he was that night, glad you liked it and had a good time!

Lauren said...

It was good to see you this morning! Cute new background ;)

lindseyshae said...

Oh yeah a new blog to occupy my down time!!! I still can't believe you are heading to Bulgaria so soon!! I can't wait to read about your adventures (i hope you'll be able to blog about it.)

Catherine said...

I love my family!! Y'all are so cute!!!

Jon S said...

I have no idea. I guess she saw my status when I said I was going to be in Louisville, then she said, "hey I live in Louisville" so I'm sure that it could have worked like that for others? :)