Friday, April 24, 2009

24 Days!

Only 24 days left in Dallas! It's crazy... it's about to be here. And what's even crazier is that I've thought the entire time (since the day after T-Give) that I was leaving on May 19. I just found out that I'm leaving on the 18th and flying to DC. It's not that big of a difference but that means it's just one day closer!

This last weekend my favorite girls from college and me went to Austin for some fun time! It was nuts and we barely slept at all. I'm going to MISS those girls. I am so blessed to have met those girls at ACU. We went out and told ridiculous stories of each other from college and all the weddings we've been to since we graduated. They gave me a photo book with some crazy pictures through the years.

During the trip I met up with a girl who is going to Bulgaria with me who lives in Austin. Her friends and my friends got together and we had a great time. AND I randomly met this guy while we were out who grew up with my PC recruiter.

Brunch on Saturday! Blair, Jen, Manda, me, Morgan, Carrie

Morgan, Carrie, me, Jacci!

Morgan - special shout out because she's about to graduate college after 6 years! I'm like a proud parent!

My girls! Deb, Manda, me, Morgan, Tori, Jacci, Carrie, Blair

Loves of my life representin' Peace Corps!

Special thanks to Tori and Blair for flying in from Amarillo and Nashville (respectively). Love yall more than you know!

And on a side note, to all those Peace Corps'ers who end up here from Peace Corps Journals - what's up! Be a follower!


Lyndsey said...

Anything else happen that weekend? Quality time with ANYONE else? Anyone who almost has enough frequent flier miles to go to Bulgaria? Hmm...oh well. Ah DT!

vicki said...

Picture book? What picture book? Random guy? What random guy?

Catherine said...

I love mom's questions! Hillllllarious! Oh...and PS...I just became a follower of your blog.