Friday, May 15, 2009

not packing

This is me. Not packing or practicing to figure out how I will pack all of my stuff. Instead I'm drinking my slurpee and listening to NSync. This post is more of a special shoutout to Manda because she lovessss my updates! (Holla!)

I've been slowly packing up my things turning the guest room back into the guest room. Lots of storing/donating/making piles. I think when I actually pack I'm going to make an inventory of what all I'm taking. I've also been spending my time hanging out with Carrie and Morgan and spending money I don't particularly have. Good gracious I love them! Catherine's coming into town tonight for my last weekend in the States. We'll do the "family tradition" and go to El Fenix. Seriously, I've eaten such junk this past week and a LOT of tex-mex food. I'm going to miss all the mexican for sure! I've had mexican food for dinner the past three nights... El Fenix, Blue Goose and Mi Cocina. Delicious.

The last day with all the PreK kids! Miss them!

Morgan graduated!!!

BFF's :)

Lesan and I at Blue Goose

Morgan, Emily and I at The Loon.


Catherine said...

I am going to cry...just FYI

Carrie Jo Howard said...

I really am not so sure HOW I'm going to survive without you. Any ideas? Cause I've got nothing. :( I love you.

Manda said...

i just cried a little right now...seriously. any good give aways in the pile you should mail me?

Lyndsey said...

Am loving the pictures of the farewell tour! My flier miles are standing by!