Monday, May 25, 2009

Zdravey from Bulgaria!

The following is a series of blogs I've written and saved onto my computer. This is the first time I've had internet access!


What a trip it’s been! Exhausting – but good – to say the least! We (Stephanie and I) arrived in DC just in time for staging to start. The awesome VA Jeffrey’s met up with Stephanie and I and we enjoyed our last supper (and only) in DC. Next day, the whole lot of 63 was piled onto buses and taken to Dulles Airport. Just a head’s up… Lufthansa is very particular about their weight limit. After some minor issues with my baggage I boarded the plane and headed to Frankfurt. Stayed in Frankfurt for a couple of hours and headed to Sofia. Good news is that all my bags made it!

(I’m a little sad that I’ve now “been” to Washington D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany but the extent of my visits was a hotel stay and an airport stay. At least I drove by the Capitol. Guess I’ll just have to plan other trips there!)

The whole group successfully made it to Sofia with local news cameras waiting. (No joke.) Don’t worry, I kept the stunner shades on. I honestly don’t even know how long the entire trip was with layovers and all that. It was long and I didn’t ever really sleep. Then we got bused to our hotel in a town (that I don’t actually know the name of) about 2 or 3 hours away. Beauuuutiful! A lady today said that we’re about 5000 ft. about sea level. Reminds me of Dallas… except for the mountains and the snow on the top of mountains and just about everything else.

No time was wasted getting started today (Thursday). Breakfast started at 730 and we’ve been in meetings or language trainings all day. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be an early night again!

At this point everything’s great and I’m so happy to finally be here! What a process it’s been!

I didn’t get a chance to say this earlier, but THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the send off party. I feel so thankful that yall we’re able to came and especially for all the encouraging words and prayers! Keep ‘em coming!

Bring on the awkward! I moved in with my host family today and we’ve got some definite communication challenges. Challenges in the way that she doesn’t speak in English and I don’t so much speak Bulgarian. Thankfully they had some family and friends over tonight that did speak some so there was some speaking. I pretty much smiled and said "Dobre" and "Ne Razbiram" a lot. (Good/ok and I don’t understand.) Emi’s husband is currently in the USA visiting their son and his family. He’ll return to Bulgaria in a couple of weeks with their 7 yr old grandson who was born in America. Should be good to have him around!

They have a big garden with strawberries, peaches and tomatoes. Only the strawberries were ready and they tasted good! The man who tends to the garden told me he’d teach me how to garden. I’m excited about that.

I’m in my room with the t.v. on and just found “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with subtitles, “Gladiator” dubbed in Bulgarian, MTV and a few other channels. This should be interesting! The town I’m in also has an amazing view of the mountains. When I look out my window I can see the mountains! (No clue which ones though.)

Okay, so that’s a quick update and I’ll try to get pictures on here when I can. I don’t have internet right now so that’s why I haven’t responded to anyone. I’ll be in this town for a couple of months so hopefully I’ll be a Bulgarian pro when I move to my permanent site!

I'm currently with my "mom" at her job at the hospital in Vratsa. Today's been pretty good. I met with my satellite group - the four others in the village - and we took the bus to Vratsa and bought cell phones (for PC purposes) and registered with police. My "mom" came and picked me up and I'll hang out here for an hour or so and then head to the market where there will be lots of pointing and "da" and "ne". (Yes and no). All is well and my group here is great! I've got a good house with an inside toilet that can flush toilet paper! (It's the small things these days... Quite a few people have squat toilets. Outside. :) Thank you again for all your messages! Keep 'em coming!


vicki said...

Zdravey back atcha, except for the evening part. We are currently experiencing morning on Memorial Day. Looked out the window, still no mountains, but do have the occasional bunny and/or squirrel. It is so great to read your take on your new experiences, friends, culture, food, etc. Keep describing everything! Love you loads!

Catherine said...

I'm still very jealous! I am so glad to hear that everything is going well for the most part and that you have warm water and a toilet to flush...we take so much for granted here! Love your guts and am SOOOO ready to be able to visit and see everything you are talking about! LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!!!

Lyndsey said...

Love it! But what's the scoop on the shower situation? And can't wait to hear stories about the 7 year old translation.