Monday, June 08, 2009

weekend photos

So here goes... from Kravoder to Sofia

Kids at the school during the basketball clinic the guys put on.

Hanging out in the shade :)

I just like this one.

Dinner party with our brothers!

Meg's family

THE Chicken President in all his glory.

Kalin - Emi's grandson



I brought some boys home... Ken, Greg, and Rob

We tried to take a group photo. Good enough. And Emi's the best because she likes the fact that I just show up at the house with 4 other people for lunch!

The big city... obviously not my village

Emi lighting a candle @ St. Alexander Nevsky Church

The church

My family! :)


vicki said...

How tall is Kalin? Emi looks like maybe my height? Enjoyed so much the church bldg photos, but love getting to look at the people and the environment too! Keep up the good post/work!

Lauren said...

love em!

Jan Kelley said...

Valerie, i am so very excited for your "peeps" and "groupies" to be able to "ride" along on your sojourn in Bulgaria. The church is beautiful and the people are all smiling. Is that how they are most of the time?

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Great posting val :) I have my days where I'm good and then days that I miss you so dang much. Today is one of those days - not sure why. I love you so so much and I'm so glad you have such a great host family! I'm sure it took them no time at all to fall in love with you!

Catherine said...

Why was there a comment deleted Veeves? What did it say? And of course you are bringing the boys home. We would expect no less! Thanks for the pictures and the updates! :)

I love CJs message...we all feel it girl!