Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make that... Jacalicious

Pretty sweet new layout, huh?

I'd love to take the credit but it all goes to (one of my) favorite baby mama's: Jacci!

(Or sometimes I like to call her Jacalicious. But I gather from her latest blog entry that she'd like to start going by Jacqueline again. We do have the same middle name so she gets my love either way. "Valerie Genette" and "Jacqueline Jeanette".)

Right before I left for Bulgaria... miss you!!!


vicki said...

The blog does look great! How did Jacci do it. Is there a site of templates out there somewhere? Regardless, it is COOL!

Jennifer N. Hernandez said...

i LOVE the new look! Jacci is a pro! I need her to help me with mine then maybe i would be motivated to update. Any who--- i MISS YOU! like ALOT... every time i go to favorites in my iphone i see your name and i think i wonder what she's doing... i wish you were here to share an avacado margarita with me. VGG... I LOVE YOU!

vicki said...

Just realized...I miss the clock! Can you please get that omission corrected?
Your friend,
The Mom

Jacci said...

thanks val! glad you like it!

loooooove you!

vicki said...

thanks for the clock!! Now, what's that little box under the postage stamp on the left that appears to have html type code in it? Just wondering...

so proud of all you have accomplished and anticipating great things as you move ahead!!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

lovin the new look - good job jac :)

Now i would like a blog posted dedicated to me, thanks.