Thursday, July 16, 2009

what was once a luxury is now a necessity...

...or so it seems.

My dad said that me the other day when I called him bawling. I recently had an unfortunate event of spilling a drink onto my 4 month old laptop and it decided it didn't want to turn on anymore. Gabi (Emi's daughter who lives in Sofia) took my laptop to get checked out in the big city on Tuesday. Kalin - Gabi's son - called me and told me it would be about $450 to fix because I fried the hard drive. Sad. (Not so sad is that she gave me her old laptop to use - which sounds like it might explode but so far so good.)

The thing that makes me cry a little less is that I had all my movies, music, and pictures (pre-PC) backed up on my external hard drive. Most of my PC pictures are on the blog or facebook and at this point my sitemates and I pretty much had all the same pictures. Plus, I insured all my belongings before I came out here. (I got an email from them and they want me to fax over some paperwork. Yeah, let me get right on that FROM BULGARIA.)

Then, Gabi called me and was able to really put things into perspective for me. She told me, "At least no one is dead." Yes, you're right Gabi. I've got plenty more to be thankful for. The lost in translation/foreign country/I'm completely lost aspect is more of what gets me. But yes, no one is dead - only my computer - and I'm very happy about that.

(In one of our training meetings someone said that when you're having a really bad day a good way to make yourself feel better is to plan your next trip. I decided to start planning my Oct 2010 trip to Skopje, Macedonia with Catherine. This was a good piece of advice.)

BUT to add fuel to the fire, today has been way hot. Maybe not 104 like TX is but hot and no air conditioning. I get home from school, go to my room, turn on my mini-fan on my desk and within 2 minutes it CAUGHT ON FIRE. (Fuel to the fire, get it?) It was only on fire for about 5 seconds but SERIOUSLY?! I'd had that thing for maybe a week.

So my point is this: Technology, I love you. But only when you work.

And Bulgaria, no worries, I still love you and am still happy to be here.


Catherine said...

Oh Veeves! I'm glad that I can sort of help in making you happy! And I'm so STINKIN' EXCITED about my trip to the BG! Sorry for all your technical difficulties but at least we have the best dad in the world who can always save the day some how!!!

I LOVE the Goodes!!!

James said...

Valerie, Always we cautious what you ask for, you may just receive it. Anyway, instant communications is a norm in our society. So be patient and shortly you will be back at 100% operational efficiency!
The Dad

Jacci said...

aww poor val. i would lose it if something happened to my computer! you're taking things very well love!
miss you...i'll go ahead and tell scarlett to stop growing for ya too.

vicki said...

Veevsie, what a terrible horrible no good very bad couple of days!! But if that is the worst that happens, think how great it goes from here on! I am glad you are surrounded by people who are trying to help.

Glad your sense of humor survived, and good luck with the insurance folks. If you ever get to talk to a real person, start out explaining how far away the closest fax machine is, but you will mail or email them everything they want!! Love you!!!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

aweeee vaaaaaal.... I'm sorry about your luck! It can only get better from here :) I love you! Miss you!

M J said...

Awwwww, I know how you feel! It seems to be going around. :(

Lyndsey said...

Poor Baby Val! I continue to be thankful for your Bulgarian family that is all about taking care of you!