Monday, September 21, 2009

Let me remind you I'm actually in the Peace Corps

The third goal of Peace Corps:
Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

Here's a new one for me. Iva and I were in her car the other day and a bird pooped on the windshield. Iva says, "Ohhhh good luck!" I was like, "Uh, what? How is that good luck?" But apparently in Bulgaria, getting crapped on is a good thing. Personally, I'd rather avoid that good luck and have the birds avoid me. To make it even better, when we were driving back home it happened again. So next time a bird uses you for their personal needs, think about being in Bulgaria and consider it good luck.

The first day/week of school has come and gone. I'm not sure they stayed in school a whole day. One person told me the first week of school you don't really do anything and you get to leave early. Kind of like college. The first day of school here (and throughout Bulgaria) is a BIG. DEAL. Singers, dancers, big presentation, parents, flowers, the whole 9 yards. The school in the village is only for 1st-8th and there's a special welcoming for the first graders. Either way, if I knew I would've taken my camera and taken pictures. At least there's next year.

Chantelle turned 25 today but we had a weekend celebration. 11 of us rented a house outside of Gotse Delchev and had a grand 'ole time. Here's some pictures.

Me, Caitlin, Callie and Chantelle

This (along with a boar head, fox and deer) reminded me of my childhood.

Pretty view from the village

I guess we needed more light...?

Little known fact... September 19th was International Pirate Day. Google told us.

Ursula, Matt, me and Tyler enjoying the balcony

The road the house was on.

Hiking back into the city


vicki said...

Looks like you are still having pretty weather...sounds like yall had a wonderful picturesque weekend, but I'm getting nervous about you and winter!

Hope you are learning more Bulgarian and the kids are learning more English, and I suggest that you always have your camera, but protect it from the good luck birds!

laura jo said...

Can I PLEASE come hiking there with you??? Those views are stunning. Crazy about the start of school! How will your job change as kids get in the groove of being at school again? Will you work with the schools at all?

Lyndsey said...

I bet if you asked them to recreate the first day of school for you they'd do it!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Hey Teach! Glad you had a good weekend with Friends! Talk to you soon! Love you so much!

Jan Kelley said...

Valerie, I am just now checking your blog--it is thursday morning on september 24 at 4:28 a.m. I didnt know you had anything to do with school. It is beautiful country. Are all of the Bulgarians fit. It seems they would be having to walk to their destinations. Beautiful country the Lord has made.