Monday, November 23, 2009

6 Months?? Seriously?!

As of this past weekend, I've officially been in Bulgaria for SIX MONTHS! I can't believe it. Of course I miss The Promised Land (also known as Texas) but I'm so thankful to be here and having a great time! Don't worry Dallas friends, I still plan on returning! Last week our entire B25 group was in Plovdiv for a conference - had a great time, got some good ideas and had a blast hanging out with everyone. And Plovdiv is a super cool city.

Other than that:
* I went shopping today and bought another scarf, big black purse (Bulgarian style) and a gray pea coat with a hood. I needed a nicer jacket, ya know!
* Recently I came in possession of ALL FOUR SEASONS OF SAVED BY THE BELL. Is everyone else excited as I am?!
* Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster" is currently on replay. Especially "Telephone" with Gaga and Beyonce. Two of my favorite singers - listen and you'll want to dance. Promise.
* For T-Give, I still don't know what I'll be doing. But I'm surprisingly okay with that.
* Christmas/New Years will be here soon which means I'll soon be in Switzerland! Although today Stephanie received an email from the museum in Italy which houses "The Last Supper" painting and said our ticket request was DENIED due to tour groups. We sent in our request TWO months ago. Uncool, Milan, uncool. But whatev. It's gonna be awesome either way.
* New Moon comes out in Bulgaria on 04.Dec.2009. Next Friday which will only be 2 weeks after the US premier! Trip to B-Grad, anyone?! Might be taking that one by myself (with no shame)!


Vicki said...

Pea Coat with hood? Let's see a picture! And enjoy the movie. Haven't seen it yet but hope it will happen before too long. As for Thanksgiving, I am thankful you are happy, adjusting, enjoying and blessing the lives you are touching. We will take pix to help you remember the Texas was great to read that you plan to return as opposed to going the career Foreign Service route!

Catherine said...

I'm sorry you won't be able to see The Last Supper. It's still going to be super cool that you will be in Switzerland and where ever else you are traveling. You are invited to Tucson for Thanksgiving if you want to come!!!