Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Holla at Halloween!

One of my "favorite" things about PC/Bulgaria is how people come to my house to tell me what's up. Tonight a woman came to my door to tell me we're going an excursion tomorrow and I need to be in the square at 0745. (Um, so much for sleeping in tomorrow.) Either way, I have no idea where my excursion is to or what it's for or how long it will be for. Sweet.

This past week I introduced the awesomeness that is Halloween to Bachevo. I didn't go full force having the kids dress up but Krum and I put together some games and such for the kids. I gave them candy which I feel is almost as important as the costumes. Then we planted a tree courtesy of the European Union "Click a Tree" project. The kids planted the tree and as soon as they walked away, she-who-will-not-be-named TOOK IT OUT OF THE GROUND. I was so sad. She said the tree would die and gave it to a friend to put in their garden. (Don't worry, it doesn't make sense to me either.) I also realized it was a losing battle and don't know enough words to express my frustration. At least I got some good pictures.

The next day I headed to the town that made me sick and hoped for the best with a PC Halloween party. It was fun. Got to see people I like and I bought some boots that I'm hoping will be waterproof.

Which I think is a clutch purchase since it's snowing and all. Yeah, I woke up this morning to snow and it's been snowing all day. It's not the miserable kind; it's the pretty kind. We'll see how well I do with all this business... but more importantly. Pictures.

School kids

Stephanie and I - practicing our self portraits for Italy and Switzerland :)

This is me in costume. Adidas track suit, fanny pack and crimped hair.

Meg - she was David the Gnome and it was FUNNY.

Snow. This picture is mostly for my mom.


Catherine said...

Veeves. I'm so proud of you. I think it is the thought that counts when it comes to the tree. And thank you for buying me a pair of boots that I can wear in Bulgaria!

Jacci said...

Glad you had a fun Halloween. Did I miss the part where you said who you were supposed to be? Or were you just the chick in the tracksuit with a fanny pack and crimped hair? Either way, I like it. Stay warm little Val. Love you!

Vicki said...

Let me guess...A Bulgarian Teenager?? And it is such a good look on you, so go with it! Keep on having fun, and..words to live by...it didn't happen if you didn't get a picture of it, so never forget the camera!

Love the snow pix!!

pendant lights said...

Fun pictures!

Lyndsey said...

So what was the excursion destination?