Friday, December 11, 2009

Ohhh Friday night.

It's Friday night and I'm writing a blog. Lame, but whatever.

I haven't updated because I've been too distraught over computers. Yes, yes... the UNTHINKABLE happened again. My laptop died. And this time, there was no drink spilled on it. Plus, it was the day after I wrote the entry about how thankful I was for my magicJack. A little irony, maybe? The day after T-Give my computer stopped working. Seriously, how does that happen?? Obviously the host family came to the rescue again and let me borrow their old laptop while I shipped mine back to the States since it's still under warranty.

Shoutout to the broski who recently turned 27! Yay for you Phil. We are very excited about what's to come for Philly, who has been doing some great things the past year. I'm very proud of you over the past year, dude! He was also a great roommate... ya know, when you're both living with your parents and older than 23. (No worries mom, you and dad are great roommates too!)

(PS. Doesn't he have naturally great eyebrows?! He got my mom's eyebrows. Jealous.)

Anyways, I'm apparently teaching 2nd-8th grade next week. I start at 745am Monday - Friday. The regular English teacher (who is a BG native) will be in Austria. When I agreed to this I didn't realize it was every day/all morning but I suppose this is part of the PC job. I have the time and no reason not to... should be... interesting.

More importantly, I'll be in Italy/Switzerland in a little over two weeks. (Once my trip gets officially approved, of course!) That's what I keep telling myself. IT. IS. TIME.


Vicki said...

I think your teaching will go the kids love it and I'll bet they even learn something. Betting you will too.
You will be pleased to know I finished my Book Club book and the cookies I am supposed to take tomorrow. Hey, and take Charlie on all your adventures, not to mention the camera!

Lyndsey said...

Glad your computer drama is winding down!