Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hit or Miss at the Hostel

Well, I just got home from a weekend in Sofia. It was... interesting. I left way too early Friday morning to catch a bus to Sofia so I could make it to the PC office to get my in no way optional unless you want to get kicked out Swine Flu vaccine. On Friday a couple of us planned to stay at Hostel Mostel. I've always had a good time there and never had any serious problems. But this time. Oh. My. Goodness.

Me and a couple of other PCV's get back to the hostel Friday night and head into our 8 person room. It was awful. A dude in the room threw up on the floor at about 4am and then proceeded to turn on the light. I'm not sure if he was legitimately sick or if he'd had a few too many drinks the night before. He was also the loudest snorer I have ever heard. You could hear everyone in the room awake and annoyed. Finally the guy in the bunk next to him started knocking on his bunk and it eased up. Annoying snoring/throw up man was quiet for about 20 minutes and continued with his nasal issues keeping everyone else from sleeping. I suppose that's the joys of hostels.

But needless to stay, I decided to not stay there Saturday night. (Check out is at 1030 and dude's backpack was still there and he was lounging in the lobby... I figured I'd rather sleep Saturday night and not listen to that business again.) We moved onto Hostel Sofia which isn't as fancy and the owner doesn't speak English but it was quiet and cozy and we had our own room. We also went to sleep at 9pm on Saturday in our own room. It was awesome.

Now good news:
One of the MIA boxes arrived! It was the box from Cather and Brian... only 6 weeks after it'd been sent! It was Christmas in mid-January! (I got a Christmas package from Lyndsey - yay - and it arrived without much of a delay. Last week I got a letter in the mail saying there was a package in Sofia and I needed to come pick it up. Nadia saved the day by talking to the post office and they agreed to just send it and not make me pay Customs fees. (The lady also said PCV's aren't supposed to pay Customs fees - has anyone else ever heard that?!) BUT I'm still waiting for a Christmas package from the parents that was sent November 25. Hm. I'm hoping for the best.)

Another Bulgarian story:
This past Thursday my eye was hurting and I could feel the start of a stye. I told one of my Bulgarian friends and she offered to make the homemade Bulgarian remedy for this. It's made of mashed pumpkin and oil... and then you just slap it on your eye and let it sit. I politely declined but maybe next time...


Catherine said...

Yeah you got our package!! I hope you enjoy all the goodies inside! I thought you were getting two packages delivered though?? I'm sorry for your hostel experience but at least you got a good nights sleep on Saturday night. As for us, we are currently watching the cowboys get spanked by the Vikings. I can tell you there are not a lot of smiles in my house right now. Love you!!!!

Lauren said...

Miss you! Mom asked about you this morning. Love you!

Vicki said...

Veevsie, that hostel experience is one I only want to hear about...never experience. It will make a good chapter in your memoirs I guess. Just hope you don't get to be the star of someone else's hostel experience expose'!!