Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pickles and Mayonnaise - Delicious salad?

Chopped pickles and mayonnaise mixed together is not a salad. And I'd venture to say it's not incredibly healthy. Most of you probably would not put this combination together but alack and alas, here we are, and I just thought we should clarify that. (Don't worry, I always say "thank you" for whatever food is given to me.)

On a brighter note, I bought a new scarf and two headbands today. :)


Lyndsey said...

Wow - that just doesn't sound good. How was it? And please feel free to buy me a new scarf whenever the spirit moves you! Честит четвъртък

Vicki said...

Well, Veeves, when you tell me you always use good manners, what is left for me to say?? It just affirms what a good job your parents did!
And it actually sounds pretty good to me...put in some onion salt and you've got your tartar sauce. Yall ever do any fishin?