Monday, March 08, 2010

Party Time

(Again with the internet problems... this was written 04 March.)

On 3 March 1878 Bulgaria became an independent country after 500 years under Turkish rule. And you can rightfully assume that the Bulgarians have kept the party going on March 3rd.

Every city and village has a big celebration for Treti Mart which includes singing and dancing. And big bonfires that made me reminisce about college parties. Anyways, I went to Razlog to watch the program there and see one of my friends in his dance group. The bonfire was set up in the middle of the square and the stage was set up at one end. Towards the end of the program they started the fire and then fireworks started going. (And let me say, they sure don’t have distance restrictions for fireworks like they do in the States.)

Then I headed back to my village where the party had already started. There were hundreds of people gathered in the square dancing around the bonfire. There was a guy with a big drum and a couple of guys playing oboe-type things. (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for them. It’s not exactly my favorite sound.) But eventually the fire dies out. So I think it’s over… but naturally, it’s not. My friend tells me to get in the car, so I do and we drive to the top of the village where I see there’s another setup for a fire.

Then I hear the music and see the people all walking up to this area. So I stand and watch some more. Then I had the thought that I felt like I was at some crazy ritual tribal killing thing. I think a lot of it had to do with the music. But it was just tons of people standing and watching a fire with tribal sounding music. Of course it was a good time though.

And in recognition of Independence Day, the 2nd of March was Texas’ Independence Day. It was a short lived independence in the 1800’s but no doubt some good years! God Bless Texas!

Otherwise, our village holiday is this weekend. There’s a group of Macedonian’s coming to perform and I’m excited. But now, I’m going to watch Pocahontas. Yes, I’m serious.


Vicki said...

so are you posting at home or still at the office? Whichever, it is so great to keep up with your adventures!!

Lyndsey said...

So there wasn't actually a ritual killing? Loving those bonfire pics - makes me long for the days pre-burn ban!