Thursday, April 08, 2010

St. George's Cliff

Yesterday a few of my girlfriends from the village and I decided to go on a hike in the mountains (разходка в планината) a few kilometers from our village. People in the village had been telling me about "Гергьова скала" which translates into "George's Cliff."

Legend has it that way back in the day St. George lived up in those parts and protected the Christians.  At some point, he was chased up to the end of the cliff.  God gave his horse wings and they were saved.  To this day you can still see some of the horse hoof prints.  There is also a small gap between two huge rocks and if you can pass through it, you are purged of your sins.  (I went halfway, took my picture then decided to not hoist myself between the rocks.)

Either way, the views are stunning.  The view is a beautiful panoramic of the entire region of Razlog and even Bansko.  I'm so thankful for where I live and lucking out by having friends around my age in the village!

Stuck between a rock and a hard place (For you, mom!)

I live here!

Mimi, Kali, Vania

 My village

Edge of the cliff with Kali

To the left of Mimi and Vania are the horse hoof imprints

Kali and I


Vicki said...

It is beautiful and it is great to know you have found friends half way round the globe that you enjoy so much. And it's cool how George's horse just walked right up the rock! When they come see you in TX we can go to Granbury and see the dinosaur prints!

Vicki said...

I think maybe I should have said Glen Rose...

Shann said...

yay 'One Love' is getting represented over seas! Love it and love you!