Monday, May 24, 2010

Alright, so I just came back from an amazing vacation and I'll blog about it sometime... it's just going to take awhile.

But what's really on my mind. Nearly a year ago I killed my practically-brand-new laptop by spilling a drink on it. It never turned back on. I tried for months to revive it. I took it to Bulgarian computer shops and eventually contacted my insurance company to file a claim.

Nearly a year later I sent the laptop home with my parents and my dad tried to turn it on when he got back to Dallas. AND IT WORKED. There are some things that don't work (like the mouse pad and the internet card) but ALL of my pictures are still there! I told my dad to put them all on an external hard drive NOW!

But seriously, I tried for months for it to turn on. Technology and I... well, I think I can officially say we have a LOVE/HATE relationship. How ridiculous is this?! It took a YEAR for that computer to dry out? Hmmmm....


Lyndsey said...

The Dad's got magical powers. All sorts of stuff I've had no luck with, he's magically brought back to life.

Vicki said...

You'll have your pix and a new computer...what a sweet deal!