Wednesday, August 04, 2010

One Year Check Up

Today I got back from Sofia.  I had some medical appointments and my One-Year check-up.  Here's the report (because I know everyone wants to know!).

Good news: I'm the exact same weight as when I started PC 15 months ago.  That's good because I was working with a little extra over the winter holidays but that's all gone now.  Whew.  It's also good because PC-BG says on average girls gain weight while they're over here and no one wants that to happen.

Bad news:  I'm 25 and NOT cavity free.  Sad.  I brush. I floss. But the time has come for my first cavity and I'm a little disheartened. 

Weird news: I began the process to get my old-lady hips checked out.  I'm going to have to go back but for now I have some anti-inflammatory medicine called Movalis.  For all of you younger than 70 or so, that's arthritis medication.  The doctors didn't say they think it's arthritis but still, it's kinda weird.

Other news:  While in Sofia I also took myself to a movie (Agent Salt) and finished two books.  (Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident and The Great Gatsby.)  Now that I'm back in the village I'm not completely sure what the month of August is going to hold.  Not too much I fear.  So maybe I can get a few more books in.  

What else... this past weekend I went to the Pirin Pee (Пирин Пее)  Folklore Festival in Predel.  (You don't pronounce it "pee", it's more like "pay."  Just to clear up any awkwardness.)  My group performed Saturday and Sunday and they were awesome!  There were also a few other PCV's at the festival and some of their groups.  I was told that there were supposedly over 10,000 people there during the two days.  And even more fun was running into a couple of my campers from AUBG!

Two cute old Bulgarian ladies that sat in front of us at the festival.  I didn't take any more pictures of the festival. My bad.

A giant slug that crawled up my kitchen sink drain.  It was promptly shoved back down the drain along with very hot water. And then I put the cap on the drain.  Gross.  


Vicki said...

What is the purpose of a slug in the grand scheme of things? He won't turn into a butterfly, I don't think...I guess that one lived and died in a drain pipe...sad lot in life for sure!

And take care of those hip joints!

Shann said...

Sounds like everything is still going well, miss you! I will be calling u soon! :)

kali said...

Val, I hope u liked the' Pirin pee'thing 'cause next week it is the Bachevo's celebration which takes part in the forest. If u are in the mood I will be happy if we go together:)