Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good(e) Wins!

And it is JAMES GOODE for the WIN!

Thank you to all who sent voted or sent up the positives vibes. The people of C-FB ISD will continue to be well served by my dad and Nancy Cline (who was also re-elected to the School Board).

Today I went on a walk and the weather was finally amazing! Hopefully it stays at 75 degrees and sunny. But Accuweather tells me it will start raining. Again. Tomorrow. 

Ohhh, will yall believe that I'm actually excited to arrive in Dallas during the hottest part of the year?! I can't wait to get to stay all day in tank tops and sandals. I am over always having to carry a jacket. 

This week I'll be traveling to Sofia to begin some final things... final paperwork, final medical check-ups etc. (That includes my final weight. Yikes.) And so it all begins.... or maybe I should say "ends" instead.

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Vicki said...

Thanks for your help and support from across the sea! I think JB will start this new term with a purpose to serve the students, families and staff of CFB with more energy than ever, to the best of his ability.