Friday, June 03, 2011


I'm a Mavs fan. Although I've been slacking living in Bulgaria.
I would do the occasional NBA standings check and if had a headliner about the Mavs, I'd check it out.

But I've kept up well enough to know they're in the NBA Finals right now! 
Go Mavs!

This is the second time they've made it all the way to the finals (against Miami both times no less!) and I can't help but notice that I'm once again far, far away from the action! Wish I was there!
*I have spent five of the last seven summers abroad! Crazy!

Nonetheless, I love the Mavs. And in honor of last nights win, I am rocking my Dirk shirt in Bulgaria! 


THIS IS AN ARTICLE of 20 reasons to pull for Big D! Check it out!
A couple of my favorite reasons are:
"Pull for Dallas because when you ask Nowitzki why he didn't bolt the way everybody else does, he simply says, "Because this is where my heart is."
"Pull for Dallas because it has the best locker room in the NBA, not a whiner among them. There are more good guys in that room than in some divisions."
"Pull for these Dallas Mavericks because the way things are going, the Dallas Cowboys may never win a title again."

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Vicki said...

Great tribute to the Mavs, and that was a good article, too. Maybe you should get Reilly's book and review it??? Should be entertaining...