Friday, September 16, 2011

The bike is finished!

Wow, I've definitely turned into a terrible blogger. It might be better because otherwise I'd be telling y'all about how I'm jobless (though not putting forth much of an effort to find a job) and the Peace Corps money is definitely going out but nothing coming in. Whatever.

Good news is that I'm less than a month away from heading to the Middle East to visit some family friends! (Thus being the reason I'm not job searching too hard.) "Hi, please hire me. But I need a week off in October. Thanks." I don't think that would fly too well. 

But I have worked on some of my craft projects including the bike! And it's finished. My amazing dad helped me completely revamp the bike. I learned all about grease guns, oiling joints and other things that my dad mysteriously knows about. (It's not really a mystery... he was raised on a farm and had one of those bikes from the old days!)

It doesn't look too terrible here but it needed a new paint job, work on the brakes, and a kickstand. It really just needed some love.

We had a power washer that entertained me for awhile...


Putting back together

Cleaned and painted basket

All done!

My dad was so great about helping me and my mom enjoyed seeing her old bike get updated! We ended up keeping the original handles and streamers and we didn't paint the inside of the tires. Gotta keep some of the character! But it's working good and rideable... now I just need somewhere to go so I can put something in the basket! :)


Vicki said...

So happy the bike lives to ride again...yall did a great job, and it does look pretty!

Catherine said...

So pretty and glad you are out riding around and getting skinny!

Lyndsey said...

Are you kidding me? That's so super cool! I want one!

irvingia said...

Better than walking. And still natural.