Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soon to be Mrs. Navarro!

I'm getting married.

Oh my stars! I can't believe it! 

Here is the story:

Jonathan and Valerie got engaged on July 21, 2012!
On that Saturday morning, Jonathan had told Valerie he was playing golf with his twin brother, Jeffrey. Valerie decided to go to Book Club with her mom and spent most of the afternoon with her shopping at the Galleria.
Earlier in the week, Carrie Jo had asked Valerie about going on a double date. She checked with Jonathan and he said Jeffrey and Kristi wanted to go to. They planned to go eat at Gloria's in Rockwall on Saturday night. Valerie went to Jonathan's parent's house around 6pm where they were all meeting to go. She wanted to go upstairs and freshen up. When she walked upstairs, the guys yelled something about needing to go get a table and they just left.
A few minutes later, Valerie, Carrie Jo and Kristi headed out to the restaurant. They had a great dinner and decided to head back to the house so everyone could get their cars.Kristi was dog sitting for her parents and told Valerie they needed to go let Blaze out really quick. The girls stopped by her parents house, got the tour and headed back to the Navarro's house.
Valerie walked up to the door, started to turn the handle and saw purple and white rose petals on the ground. She turned around, looked at Carrie, and kept saying "Carrie" until Carrie told her to go inside! As soon as she walked inside, Straight No Chaser's "Rhythm of Love" started playing through the house. Valerie followed the petals and spotted Jonathan outside.
She walked outside to Jonathan following rose petals and the candles that lined the pool. (There were flowers in the pool too!) He said a lot of sweet things and got down on one knee and asked Valerie to marry him! She said yes! Once they stood up, Jonathan told her that her parents were in the house and everyone came outside. (They'd been hiding and watching through a bedroom window!)
They all headed back in to the house where cupcakes, coconut cream pie and chocolate strawberries were waiting!
After celebrating with the families, Jonathan, Valerie, Carrie Jo, Brian, Jeffrey and Kristi got in their cars without telling Valerie where they were going. They started to head towards Downtown Dallas and once they exited off the highway, Valerie figured out they were going to West End Pub. (Jonathan used to live across the street from the Pub and they used to hang out there often!) When they walked in, 25 of their friends were waiting to greet them! 
Jonathan did a great job planning out the proposal and keeping it a secret! Valerie had absolutely no idea it was going to happen that day! Although Jonathan did think she'd figure it out when he finally decided to get a haircut that morning! :)

My future sister-in-law's little sister Kelli was in the backyard taking pictures! Hopefully she got some good ones! Once I get them, I'll give y'all picture overload!

Here's the clip of Straight No Chaser's "Rhythm of Love"
Y'all should love them as much as we do! <3


Vicki Goode said...

Those Straight No Chaser guys really are great, aren't they!

And I commend Johnathan as a Proposal Planner glad we were included!

Lyndsey said...

SNC Forever!
Oh, wait...I forgot something...
Happy Engagement!

laura jo said...

Oooh, I've been waiting for this story! And would you believe it, this song was in my head all morning and then I read your post! Crazy! :)

Idea: Plant people (like me) in the audience at your wedding to sing this song as you exit. We could video it and put it on youtube so it can go viral. Hahahahaha!