Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinterest fail. Again.

I used to think I had talent in the kitchen.
I'm starting to think otherwise.

The culprit: Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese "Breakfast Cookies"

Let me start with this is not a food that should be eaten for breakfast. It's more like a mid-afternoon pastry but to each his own. It's not like I've never eaten a cupcake for breakfast before. No judging on my part.

I had the majority of the ingredients for this sweet treat and I thought I'd give it a go. I don't really bake because I live by myself and that would be a very bad decision on my part. But I figured this was simple enough and I could bring whatever leftovers to work. The recipe was easy enough... the only things I was missing (and didn't plan on going to buy) was vanilla, cling wrap and parchment paper. I had foil and foil is a multipurpose tool.

Here's what the original pin looked like:
Oh my gosh. So cute, right? That can't be hard.

Here is what mine looked like:
Look at those corner pieces. WHAT? I guess my foil didn't wrap tight enough? And maybe I should've put more chocolate chips? And maybe I should put more effort into my food picture taking? 

I let them cool for a few minutes because I thought, "Well, they're not pretty but I bet they're delicious." 


Even Jonathan took a bite, then put it back down. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good. This is when I thought maybe the vanilla really did count. But I gave up, realized I didn't need to eat them anyway and left them with the intention of tossing them.

BUT THEN. This morning as I was getting my lunch together for work, I decided to just take a bite. They were completely cooled... since they'd been sitting out for eight hours. And ya know what? It tasted way better. So I put them in ziploc bag and kept them instead. (Which I guess it made it a breakfast cookie for me. Oops.)

So I'd consider this a Pinterest semi-fail. How do those people's food always turn out so pretty?! 

Either way, the recipe is HERE.
Good luck.


The Cozads said...

Cupcakes for breakfast = breakfast of TRUE champions. :)

Hope you are well!!

maigrir après 50 ans said...

superbes Valérie