Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Jewelry Board Holder

When I was moving back in March I got an old cork board from my dad. It had been in his office and there were paper "stains" from where things hung for years. I had grand plans to re-craft it and use it as a jewelry board holder. 

I moved. I never updated the board and just hung it so my jewelry had a place to go. Then in September Morgan came over... and some other girls. They all said it was time to update the board. And with Pinterest being so prevalent, there was no reason I couldn't come up with some crafty ideas to update it.

This past Saturday I took all the jewelry off and went over to my parents house so I could use the space and my dad's gigantic paint tarp. But it was raining. And it kept raining. So I just left it all there and went back over Sunday afternoon when it stopped raining. I set up shop in the garage and had at it.

The board before the spray paint

Rust-Oleum "Grape" was used for the metal edges

Don't wanna inhale all the spray paint fumes! :)

I decided after spraying the board to add the "V" since we had a Metallic Silver spray can laying around and the gold just looked boring and brown. And everything is better monogrammed, amIright? I cut the "V" out of a grocery sack. A stencil would've been way better but alas....

After peeling all of the paper off - The cork absorbed the paint just fine. I used Rust Oleum Metallic Gold. The darker spots are where I did some touch ups... this is where I should've done the "slow and steady" spraying instead of just pointing and spraying the touch up spots. They stayed a little darker but I figured once the jewelry was hanging, you wouldn't be able to tell so much. Live and learn, folks.

All my jewelry hanging back up in the bathroom! 

Overall I'm pleased. And for my second craft project with spray paint (my first being the bike), I think it turned out just fine! I still have a lot of the Grape color left... what should I spray next?!


Vicki Goode said...

Looks classy...also neater than the tangled mass of chains you would have otherwise!!

Severe Autism said...

Now that is a good idea. I have been wanting to upgrade my jewellery box, but they are expensive and still really doesn't solve the can't find the match problem if you have to dig.
I have a big wall in my closet that will suit this cork board perfectly, thanks.

Marie Brew said...

Love the cork board idea and even tho I don't have no jewelery it would make good for other things for me like notes for my bf and reminder notes and a place to hang my kitties harness and leash as well.

As for that pretty purple, that's a good question I love that color.
For some strange reason "door hinges" come to mind but, I guess if you did little things like that it would either give it character and/or make the object pop out that you're trying to upgrade.

Good luck in whatever your next subject will be to finish off that purple.

Happy New Year hon!

Karen Xavier said...

It's brilliant... looks great!

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