Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

MOM! Happy 30th birthday! I hope you had a spectacular birthday party and I'm sad I couldn't be there with the rest of the fam!

Portugal! July 8-18th!

It's about 1 in the afternoon here and I'm just hangin out on the couch watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I'm going to move into the team house at some point today and then I'll have my own 3 bedroom house! Too bad it won't have wireless internet or "tele!"

Tomorrow a German evangelist will be here and Nigel said something along the lines of that it'll be somewhat of a "shock" or "change" for speakers that I'm used to. Reinhard Bonnke is a speaker that I've never heard of but he's of "international fame." I looked him up online and his website is the Christ For All Nations ( and if I'm thinking right isn't that the big hotel looking building with a massive sign near downtown? By my research, I'm under the impression that he is very into the holy spirit if ya know what I mean... I think it will be very educational. There's supposed to be near 2,000 people at his presentation tomorrow.

One of the exciting things about being here right now is that the World Cup is going on and England is one of the favs! England is playing in about an hour so I will be watching that! Maybe I'll get an England football/soccer shirt!

P.S. (Mom) The word that I was trying to think of last night where the girl had no idea what I meant was "kleenex." I forget that that's the brand!


Brooks Inc. said...


My dad loves reinhart (sP?)...He has all of his books and has loved quoting him through the years...he has always wanted to see him in person. I am going to go and call him and let him know you are living his dream. I am sure he will want you to take good notes. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Love you so!


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I have found your blog and count us in on the audience that will be eagerly following the events of your summer! Reinhart is going to be great! Expect blessing!
Love you Val!

vicki said...

Veeves, so good to talk to you yesterday. My b'day was great and even sweeter cause I got to talk to you. I know this is an exciting day for you. May God bless you with many opportunities to worship, learn and serve during this internship. Lylaf, The Mom