Thursday, June 08, 2006

Potential Exciting News!

So here's the potential exciting news... Ignite is leading a mission "expedition" to Portugal in July for 10 days. Nigel and I were speaking this morning and he said he's going to try to get me on that trip and that he's wanting me to go on it! I don't really know many details but I'm excited about the possibilities!

I'm also thinking about taking a little weekend trip to Ireland at some time. They have cheap flights from Cardiff to Belfast and that could be a possible option at sometime. Not too sure about that either! I'm still planning on London at some point as well to do all the touristy things. Nigel's advice is to buy the bus pass so you can hop on and off the double decker!

I'm at the office right now and I just read thebig staff handbook... still waiting on some direction for what to work on. Nigel and Vinod went to a conference thing so they will be gone all day. Nigel will be speaking and Vinod observing. He's from India and 17! It's amazing to me that his first trip out of his hometown is all the way across the world! He's very nice but I get the vibe it's difficult for him with the english barrier. He speaks fairly well but it's hard to sometimes understand. He invited me to India yesterday and I told him I'd love to go... just gotta work on the funds.

Everyone here always says "alright, okay" when you're talking and it makes me feel so rushed! I think it's pretty much just acknowledgment but they talk so fast it's like they want you to stop talking. I suppose I'll just get used to it though. Anywho, I'm gonna go eat and be productive! Hope all is well on the homefront!


vicki said...

Veevsie, Portugal?! That is exciting, and I hope it works out. Be snapping photos like crazy. In fact that may be what Nigel needs for you to do. Not to mention another stamp on the passport. Be patient with Vinod. He understands English at a very high level, I'm sure, but will really get immersion in how the local language sounds this summer. He's used to hearing English with the Indian accent and now he's hearing the Welsh and Texan versions. He's probably a little hesitant about how stuff is pronounced! Talk to you later, lybye, TM

Brooks Inc. said...


I am beside myself...seriously....How has this blog gone on this long without me knowing about it!

I am so excited for your opportunity and to see what the Lord does with your life...He has great things in store!

Love you so much and I really am so proud of you!


Spencer J said...