Friday, July 21, 2006

2 posts in 2 days

Yeah, so I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing in this. But I do have lots of more pictures from Portugal to show and since mom doesn't get out much, she lives vicariously through her children!

I think I'm turning into Catherine!! I've cried everyday since I left Portugal, it's rediculous and I can't help it! I just loved that place! (These are not tears over leaving those good looking Portugeuse boys!) It's crazy and it's driving me crazy. That place is just so wonderful! It is nice to be back in a house with a bed though! I'm getting more adjusted to normal sleeping habits. The night we got back, I was up until 5am, yesterday until 3am (talking with Elen) and last night until 1ish.

The Bell Tower at the Catholic church overlooking Faro

"The Factory" which is where the homeless people hang out. Notice the red boxes!

Pretty columns at the Faro Museum

The balcony view from the apartment we stayed at on the first night

Right outside of the Old Town gates in Faro

Also, check out the brand new Ignite website:


vicki said...

Love the photos. Thank you very much! The ignite website did not come up. It said "not found, error" or something like that. The link you but in your blog entry is the same as on your link list. Is that correct?? Enjoy your last two weeks, and stay in touch...The mom

Joel said...

Hey Val!

I miss you, I miss all team, I miss the moments we had together...

Yeah, that factory was a shock to me too, I didn't know about that, and it exists in my own town. Your coming to Portugal, opened my eyes for many things, one of those, is the work that I can do here, the same kind we did together in the streets.

See you VAL! :)

Lyndsey said...

Very cool - although what's wrong with missing those Portugese boys? They're super cute!

Catherine said...

VEEVES!!! I'm glad you're back! Thanks for keeping us updated! I haven't bought you things but I have seen a lot of things I think you would like from AT! You didn't tell me that JM was going to be in Tucson... I was just so excited that I got to see him since I knew you <3 him and all. I think you should come visit me in Tucson. I don't have any friends so I need someone to hang out with! I'm glad you're back and that you had a wonderful time!