Monday, July 31, 2006

And the closing countdown begins...

On Friday afternoon I will get on a bus to London Gatwick. Get off the bus, get on a shuttle, and go to a hotel for the night (courtesy of Ignite!). Saturday morning I will get to the airport at 830am and fly to Dallas and arrive 230pm. (This information is available to anyone who wishes to be part of my welcoming committee.) These past two months have flown by and I can't believe I'll be back to the States so soon! Which probably means I'll have a cell phone in about a week!

Here's my plug for Ignite! Last night I started reading "Seven Way to Ignite Outrageous Prayer." It's a small book and an easy read. What I've read so far has been pretty encouraging. One of the things that I've been trying to work on and learn more about this summer is prayer. Within the past two months I've definitely learned a lot about its power. I think most of us would already agree that 'prayer is powerful' but when you really experience it... it's just... awesome. Yesterday I thought a lot about faith and doubt in praying. So often we ask God for something but don't actually believe it will happen. You just feel like you're supposed to pray for it. God always provides but we don't always take. What's the point in praying if you doubt He will provide? That's something that I've been struggling with a lot this summer. I want to pray being full of faith and pray outrageously because nothing is impossible for Him. Thus, the book is good.

Tomorrow there's a BBQ at Nigel's (who doesn't look like Uncle Morton). A little going away party for me! Pictures to come!

Becky was in town for part of the weekend and it's always so much fun to hang out with her and have people stay at the house with me. Saturday was Michelle's 18th birthday so we went to her party that night and City Temple Sunday morning. Good times.
I'm as tall as Jo!


Team PT at Michelle's birthday (Jo, Gavin, Becky, Michelle and myself)

PS... Aunt Suzy!! I'm so glad to know that you've become one of my five or so special readers! I'm lovin it... just like Europe and McDonalds


Lyndsey said...

Nothing I love more than a good countdown. I can't believe you're almost done. Didn't you just get there? I haven't even had time to come visit. I guess you'll just have to go back. And how cute are your friends? And how much do you sound like a grownup? What's in the water over there? NY in NY!

vicki said...

A countdown?? that means daily posts, right?? hooray for me!

We are sure looking forward to your return! We will not forget to come to get you at the airport, I'm almost sure.

Hope you are continuing to journal and take lots of pictures.

I appreciate your insight on prayer. Too often we receive not because we ask not, and that because our faith in the God we pray to is too shallow. I believe your faith is maturing and your future will be shaped and used by God because of the insights you have gained during your sojourn with the Igniters, as I like to call them. So always pray fervently, if it is worth praying about at all!

Lylaf, The Mom

msajeffrey said...

Amen to Mom Vick's me that means expectantly...excited to see how the Lord is going to respond to my request...I even believe He is the one who put the request in my heart and mind in the first place...Prayer is my relationship with Him...I remember the revelation of realizing that...He is my savior, redemmer and He is my FRIEND...we talk often! It was huge to me to realize that the prayer (our conversations) was not over when I finished talking! He is all powerful and all knowing and He does not need to hear my prayer but He has chosen for prayer to be the way I communicate with HIm...He has chosen in His soverign will and power not to act in certain areas of our
lives and even in His Kingdom unless we ask...AMAZING...MY good
ness, Val I have begun to preach on your blog (JUST KIDDING I DO NOT PREACH!) I will restrain myself in the future...hopefully...a blessing of a blog is that you can just hit delete!...abundant blessing on your journey

Catherine said...

I am so encouraged by your words! ...(and not to sound to much like mother)... I love to read what you hae gained by this experience and I hope so deeply that the words you are sharing and the feelings in your heart will be able to daily be lived and spoken out once you return home (to where ever home will be for you)! I love you so much and wished I could be in Dallas when you return. I have to work or I would be! I LOVE YOUR GUTS!