Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Royal Welsh Show

So yesterday was the Royal Welsh Show and it was so much fun! It was very much State Fair like... with more of an emphasis on farming but it had the food tasting and the craft fair. I got to try lots of good cheese, chocolate, wine, and sausages. Mmm! All of it from Wales.

There were five of us that went and it ended up taking about three hours to get there because of traffic. On the way up there, yours truly, might have made a not-too-smart comment regarding farm animals. Wales is the capital for sheep. I think there might actually be more sheep than people (not kidding.) So we're driving through the country side to West Wales and there are sheep galore. Lush. We're at a complete stop from traffic and Becky is talking about "shorn." I look at some of the least attractive animal I've ever seen and ask what it is completely serious. Well, turns out it was sheep that had been "shorn" and everyone definitely got a kick out of it. (Sorry dad, guess I was never meant to be a farmer!) Needless to say, it provided lots of entertainment throughout the day.

One of the highlights of yesterday was the gift that Nigel and Gary got me. As we were leaving they hand me a present and I open up... a mug with a picture of sheep on it engraved with "Veeves." Mom, I would like to thank you for this one! It was hysterical!!! I'm using it as we speak!

Lots of fun.... I can't wait until the State Fair!

Michelle and Becky and I with the cup!


Gary and THE Nigel... bless 'em!

Sheep! And Becky! (In no way is this what those other "sheep" looked like.)


vicki said...

What a fun day! I wouldn't know what a shorn was either, so you hold your head high! I can hardly wait to see the mug. Did they get me one that says, "The Mom?" All that sampling sounds like the best fair ever...were there long lines? Lylaf, The Mom

vicki said...

Hey, I just noticed that the Nigel in the ball cap photo looks like Uncle Morton. What do you think?

Lyndsey said...

I absolutely love the Veeves mug. We need a picture just of it. Hey, I want to go to the State Fair too!

msajeffrey said...

Val...this sounds like a most awesome summer!!! I am so incredibly proud of you! Our Lord is simply amazing..the fact that He can allow us to go to such beautiful places with precious people all so we can just get to know Him better! I have loved reading you blog tonight...I am not sure where you are...back in big D yet? One more thing...don't leave for the State Fair without me!!!
sure do love you girl

msajeffrey said...

I am still pondering Uncle Nigel looking like Uncle Morton...they both do have great smiles & know the mug is a