Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Val Goode... the college GRADUATE!

This past Friday marked a milestone in my life and the parents. They're done paying for ACU and all of their girls are graduated! So yes, here a few pictures!

My wonderful friends who came to cheer me on! Morgan, Molly, and Blair!

Me and mom, the ACU ALUM!




Lyndsey said...

Oh dear Christian College we love you...our dear ALMA MATER!
congrats munchkin! I'm so sorry I wasn't there, but am so glad to see the pictures. So tell the world about your fabu new job!

James said...

You make your parents so proud. Now we can retire!!!!

Brooks Inc. said...

Beautiful pictures Valerie. We are so very proud of you adn so excited to see what the Lord hasin store. May He continue to lead you each step of the way!

SO much love-


vicki said...

My Veevsie! The only grad with fashionable beads! I am so proud!! The Mom

Catherine said...

Way to go girl!! Now you can start paying my bills!! I'm poor! LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!

msajeffrey said...

Val...I join the chorus of family pride...a very good chapter in our lives is through...we are most blessed...sj