Saturday, May 26, 2007

Been awhile...

Yes, it's been over 5 months since I wrote in this so I'm fully aware the only people that will probably look at this will be mom, Lyndsey, and Catherine. But I'm taking a break from cleaning so I wanted to put some pictures up! So here's a review of the past five months...

(I didn't resize the pics so if you click on them, they're going to be huge!)

At Graceland during my two weeks of training in Memphis for PFS.

Samia and I in Palm Beach, Florida for a weekend vacation in March.

Morgan and I at the Justin Timberlake concert!

Linda, Mom, Jeff (father of the bride), and I at the wedding in Jamaica!

Mom and I at the wedding with the pretty background.

It was beautiful! And a sweet sunburn!

Mom and Veronica at the party.

Waterfall on the golf course.

View from our amazing house!

Where we sat at the wedding... not a bad view!

So that's a basic overview of my travels over the past five months... until next time...


Catherine said...

Thanks for finally doing something!! So, the picture with mom and veronica... it looks like she's got some clevege!! :) The pix are great!! LOVE!! You get to see me next weekend :)!!!!!

Sarah said...

Yea Jamaica pictures! LOVE!

Sarah said...

Oh wait - it's actually me - Sarah's logged in to gmail - although she enjoyed the pictures as well! Lyndsey

Brooks Inc. said...

Loved the pics...come on- you think you can bust out an update every 4 months...just to keep us a little bit in the know?!

Sure love you-