Wednesday, November 28, 2007

T-Give 07

I love Baird, TX! Thanksgiving was so much fun spending Thursday with the Cardwell clan and friends. It was so cold and SNOWED while Lyndsey was in NYC with the windows open! Crazy! Here are some pictures (stolen from Cat but I got the pics up first)!

Sweet Tori with a snowball.
Goode girls missing our infamous other
Take #2 with snow!
Sorry fellas, she's already taken! :)
Becky and Payton
Veronica and precious Lael
Ohhhh Aunt Jan
Partial group shots... lots of people missing
Brian and I with all the SNOW!

Saturday we celebrated the Goode side T-Give and a great time was had at Carolyn and Arnold's. All this to say I'm very thankful for ALL of my especially my AMAZING sisters and brother.


Lyndsey said...

It took yall long enough to get the pictures up! I love it - and missed you so!!!

Brooks Inc. said...

OK...I laughed out loud at your comment on my picture...I am a huge dork...thankfully someone saw the inner value of my heart and took a chance on me!:)

You guys look gorgeous in every was such a great day! I loved it! Thankful for every moment we all had together!

Love you-

Carrie Jo Howard said...

you are the worst at updating your blog. the end.