Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holler at '08

Disclaimer: Yes, this took a long time and I probably have too much free time but I did it late at night to please Jacci & Carrie.

Here we go...

100. I don’t update my blog because I don’t think people are actually interested.
99. I check my family and friends blogs every day and wish they updated more.
98. I watched Season 1 of Entourage in less than 3 days and added the other seasons on my Blockbuster list. (Thanks Robert)
97. I love watching TV on DVD from my Blockbuster list.
96. I like being in airplanes.
95. I decided today my goal is to get at least one new passport stamp a year.
94. I want to figure out a career where all I do is travel. It’s my passion.
93. I drink a ridiculous amount of Diet Coke and have no intention to stop.
92. I talk a lot about Justin Timberlake.
91. I enjoy movies where people dance.
90. I like living with my mom… and my dad some of the time.
89. I miss my sisters a lot. They’re my best friends.
88. I miss 420 College Drive even though I didn’t really live there.
87. The first thing I notice about people is their teeth.
86. I believe that flip flops are for all seasons.
85. Scarlett Olivia Grannis was the first baby I ever held and didn’t feel nervous.
84. I’m glad I like my best friend’s husbands. (Jacci & Carrie)
83. I care way too much about pop culture.
82. I like Cinnamon flavored things.
81. I was voted “Most Involved” 3 of 4 years in HS and am still not over the year I lost.
80. I don’t care about politics but know that I should.
79. I feel prettier when I’m wearing high heels.
78. I wish I had thicker hair.
77. I like North Face.
76. I save all my friends wedding invitations so I can have ideas for the future.
75. Some of my favorite people are my parent’s friends from church.
74. I want Lasik really bad… I despise wearing glasses but do it every day.
73. I have multiple Nalgene bottles and still think my sister stole my other ones.
72. I like to think I’m more outdoorsy than I really am.
71. I wish I had more patience with people.
70. I had a Blackberry and sold it because it was way too fancy. No one needs that kind of phone.
69. I will always use my vacation days and will never understand why people don't use theirs.
68. I’ve had really weird dreams the past two nights.
67. I sat court side at a Dallas Mavericks game and it was a dream come true.
66. I have a crush on Steve Nash.
65. I’m very happy with my new car.
64. I need my Cetaphil cream as facial moisturizer.
63. MAC make up is my favorite brand of make up.
62. I had mono in 10th grade and thought I was going to die. Seriously.
61. I’m named after both of my grandmothers.
60. I am afraid of needles and often have panic attacks when they're near.
59. I have a fear that I’m not going to do any of the things I say I’m going to do.
58. I want to visit all 50 states.
57. I want to step foot on every continent.
56. If I don’t have chap stick I freak out.
55. The State Fair of Texas is one of the highlights of my year.
54. I want to have a Vita-Mix blender when I move out.
53. I can’t comprehend how people worked in the kitchen before electric mixers.
52. I bake when I’m bored and love it.
51. At my HS graduation, I was Sr. Class President and gave a speech to over a thousand people. Then my dad handed me my diploma. Big day.
50. I pronounce “crayon” like “crown.”
49. My mom recently informed me that I add an “L” sound to the end of the word “straw.”
48. “In Christ Alone” is my favorite church song and I get the chills every time.
47. I plan to have bleach blonde hair for the rest of my life.
46. I am a huge MAVS fan.
45. I like text messages but hate when people try to have full conversations over it.
44. I don’t like big dogs.
43. I love when I see guys in full suits – suit and tie and all.
42. I spend an absurd amount of time on facebook.
41. I can’t breathe in high altitudes and turn really red. It’s embarrassing.
40. I get nose bleeds a lot and have since I was little.
39. I can bend both of my thumbs all the way back.
38. I have a collection of Bobbleheads including Big Tex and Steve Nash.
37. I admire Martha Stewart - minus the whole insider trading mess.
36. I’m glad I went to ACU.
35. I think everyone should have a TempurPedic bed no matter the cost.
34. I’m weirdly obsessed with my bedding and bed.
33. I wish I was wittier like my mom. I think she’s one of the funniest people I know.
32. I like gaudy mirrors.
31. I want a big HDTV.
30. I miss college and walking to friend's houses.
29. I still get weirded out with so many friends getting married.
28. I go crazy sitting in front of a computer all day but enjoy my coworkers.
27. I love reading D Magazine.
26. I get really excited about my American Airlines frequent flier miles.
25. I sanitize my desk at work at least once a week.
24. I stress myself out if I leave the house without making my bed.
23. I was in Girl Scouts until my senior year of HS and am now a lifetime member.
22. I support a little boy in Africa named Jacktone through Compassion International and think everyone should do this. (See the link on the side!)
21. I think my parents will go crazy now that my brother and I are both living at home.
20. I try to not let money stress me out.
19. I enjoy cleaning. Except ironing. I despise it.
18. I realized recently that I have a lot of brown/gold things – purse, bedding, clothes, etc.
17. I love having things monogrammed. (Or mammogrammed according to Morgan.)
16. I wish Catherine and I were roommates and she didn’t live in Tucson.
15. I have a picture of Morgan, Carrie, me, and Jacci at her wedding posted in my cubicle and I smile every time I look at it.
14. I still like my Delta Theta gear.
13. I don’t like myspace.
12. I had the best internship in the world summer of 2006 in Cardiff, Wales with Ignite Ministries.
11. Love Actually is my favorite movie ever.
10. I miss being in my church youth group and going to summer camp and being really involved at church.
9. I hate driving and still can’t believe I went on a 14 hour road trip with Jacci and Robert. But seeing Dick and Hannah get married was worth it!
8. I love Texas and truly believe it is the greatest state.
7. I want to have a big family someday… far in the future.
6. I really like maps of all kinds – road, wall, picture, calendars, etc.
I really enjoy grammar and go crazy when people incorrectly use “you’re” and “your.”
4. I can’t believe 2007 is over and I graduated from college over a year ago.
3. In 12 days I will have been employed a full year.
2. I think baths are gross and unsanitary.
I get really annoyed when people don’t send “Thank You” cards and tend to hold it against them. :)

Here's to a blessed 2008!


Carrie Jo Howard said...

I had no clue you were a girl scout... I feel complete now thank you.

:) I love you.

Carrie Jo Howard said...

PS... you changing your blog address really screws me up.

Catherine said...

Okay... first of all, I DID NOT steal your nalgene bottle!! Dang it... get over it! You gave me one and I bought another! Ughh...

I think you have too much time on your hand to make a list of 100 things about you... however, what does that say about me that I read the entire thing...

And on that note... I think we really are the same person... except switch out Jackie and Carrie for Chez and Lindsey...

other than that... it's the same person...

vicki said...

Man, I wish I could think of something witty to say!!!

Seriously, loved the list and thanks to Carrie Jo and Jacci for pressuring you to blog again.

And I like living with you, too.
The Mom

Jacci said...

hahaha. ok i'm commenting now! i subscribed to your last blog but forgot to switch the link! but its fixed now and i will be notified upon every update!

I didn't know you were your hs class president or that you were a girl scout. coooooool val. jk. i love you. i think i'm going to re-read the list just because it was funny to me.

Therapist Mumbles said...

That's a great list, but I would recommend you lighten up on the diet coke.