Thursday, April 03, 2008


I wish I had some fantastic story to write about over the past months events and activities. But I don’t and I’m updating because I’m tired of seeing that pic of Phil and I every time I pull up blogger. (No offense to Phil at all but I’m pretty positive he doesn’t look at this.)

So here goes.

Work is good. Staying busy working with Discovery Channel and getting ready for go live at the end of April.

I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and I’ve been feeling inspired lately. His first step to financial freedom is creating a budget. I always assumed this would be easy to do… it’s not like I didn’t take multiple business classes where we had to do this. But I keep confusing myself because I would have a budget for 2 months and then it would completely change when I move. (I’m finally moving out of the parents.) So basically I’m reading this book, think it’s a great idea, but then get too stressed out to do anything. Plus, I have no interest in selling off my possessions.

Pretty sure that most people know about my big move. I’m moving to Richardson to Post Eastside. I won’t be there til June because they’re still being built. Should be sweet. And I’m right by work so it’ll take me 5 minutes compared to 20 or 30 minutes on a good day.

The GMAT is on April 19th. That definitely has the potential to be traumatizing.

I tried to update my blog layout from one of those free design websites and for the life of me could not figure it out. Annoying.

I’ve got to see a lot of my ACU friends recently from a trip to Abilene and some coming to DFW. I’ll get to see a bunch of my girlfriends this weekend for a bachelorette party and then the wedding in May. AND CARRIE JO IS COMING IN TOWN! Can’t wait to see your face, CJ!

Cat’s coming in town soon so that should be fun. Lots of events happening within the next couple months… but let’s be honest, I probably won’t be writing about them. : )

Oh, and shout out to Lauren C. for starting a blog!


Lauren said...

Woohoo! My first Val comment! Thanks for the shout out, and for the great idea to make this! I'm still excited about it, and thats a good thing! Hopefully I can get my page the way i want it! ILYB

PS. Caden will randomly say "mommy, I wanna go see 'Bwow'!", meaning YOU. He loves his aunt Bwow

Jacci said...

i wish you updated your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!

love you.

Catherine said...

Thank you for FINALLY updating!! The budget stuff will work out! I can't wait to see your face! And I love BAGEL!!!!!! The picture of her from the last entry is SO cute!! So, how is Blockbuster going? Seen anything good lately!!
I updated too! LOVE YOU!!!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Thanks for the shout out Val Goode. :) Can't wait to see you! Love youuuuuuu!

Lyndsey said...