Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacci!!!

Happy birthday Jacci!!!! I feel that it's only proper to do an "Ode to Jacci" post for your birthday. It's more like the story of Jacci & Val. Here goes:

Jacci and I became friends through Delta Theta. Plus we figured out we have the same middle name (Jeanette/Genette) so it was pretty much meant to be. This is us in one of those awful JMC classes before we both switched majors.

J & V during "fun" pledging activities!

This pic is from sophomore yr... and no doubt it was after a DT meeting. Blair, Val, Jacci, CJ

Soph yr at Jeff Isaacks ranch. (Sorry Jac, I know you hate this picture but I've got a timeline going on.)

The lovely 420 house! My fav college girls!!!

My 21st birthday with Jacci and Morgan

Delta Theta formal our junior year

Then there's a lapse in pictures of Jacci because she went and got herself a boyfriend/fiance so we didn't see her too much. But it's okay because we all like Robert!

Jacci's bachelorette party! Morgan is probably off dancing by herself somewhere, otherwise she'd be in the picture.

One of my favorite pictures from Jacci's wedding with my favorite people.

Then Carrie got married and I got a serious spray tan. (Jac, remember how mad you were that I was darker than you?!?) Showin off the Delta Theta love as ACU alum.

Then sweet Scarlett came along and Jacci became an amazing mom!

Jacci, I love you so much and I'm very thankful for your friendship, your 23 years on earth, and our 5 years of fun times together!


Catherine said...

aren't you like the sweetest little friend ever.
Thanks for FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY posting again!

Jacci said...

awwwwwwww thanks val! i love you so much and i wouldn't trade those 5 years for anything. i hope there are 50 more! you're so sweet!@ can't wait to see you next weekend :)

Lauren said...

FINALLY!! You posted! And wow...I never knew that you and Jacci had the same middle name--it WAS meant to be! (does she hate it as much as you?) This was a way cute post. ILY

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Ohhhh the good ole days. How I miss your walks to the 420. I love you and I will see you this weekend!!! :)