Sunday, August 24, 2008

I wore my sunscreen!

For the first time in history... I went to the beach and did not get burned! Mom, aren't you proud?!? I put on that sunscreen like nobody's business! Catherine on the other hand... that's a different story.

After the not-so-scenic 4 hour drive to Puerto Penasco we wasted no time jumping into the pool/ocean. (Maybe it wasn't the ocean... not sure what body of water it is.) The girls finally made it to the AMAZING hotel room on the 10th floor and got some food. (FYI, apparently the people on Indian reservations don't eat because there was absolutely NO WHERE to stop and get food. So if anyone from the Tohono O'Odham tribe reads this... build some restaurants. Thanks, it'd be greatly appreciated.)

But that's pretty much the gist of it all. Lots of sun, dinner with friends, and some dancing in one of the most humid places on earth. All in all, it was a success.

View from the hotel room

Hey, it's me.

Val, Cat, Shannon. And we're working with Brian on him not taking blurry pictures.

V & C

On a side note - I'm incredibly frustrated with my printer. I still hadn't set it up since I moved here. Well, I set it up but always got an error msg. (Sorry, dad.) And tonight I finally got it all worked out but it keeps giving me those weird lines when I try to print. And I just changed all the cartridges. UGH!!!


vicki said...

Glad yall had such a good time. Maybe its my vision, but I can't tell the picture is blurry, so good job, Brian! Love your hair, and your moderately tanned appearance!! I've got a yucko line on my printed stuff too. Hope your computer guy will hop right on it...

Lauren said...

Well, good thing JimBob sent you away with 2 printers!! Just hook up the spare one :)

Jacci said...

oh goodness! you look like malibu barbie again! i'm glad you had fun and did not get burnt. love you!

Jan Kelley said...

veeves.....seems like fun just travels with the fifth wheel....i am so happy for the good times you all had and for brian taking a picture or two....he could have refused and then we would only have your words to make a mind picturel] thank you, all look beautiful....i see such peace on cc's face...she looks like a woman in love..jim bill did a great job of teaching his girls/kids to not be afraid of trying to fix a computer...i am so impressed with him and with you for tackling the job ....ahh, my wonderful goode you....jk

Jan Kelley said...

Dear Veeves,

It is septembere 13. When are you going to tell us something other than you wore sunscreen? Surely there is something you could blog.

from one of your faithful readers, who is now firmly convinced that you do take care of your skin when you are in the sun. Dont get the idea that i am not pleased with that revelation, it's just that, surely there's more. jk