Monday, September 15, 2008

Cat's Wedding Shower

Most people have probably seen many of the pictures on facebook but this just seems like one of those occasions where you're supposed to do an entry...

This past weekend Cat and I flew to Dallas so she could have her big wedding shower with the church ladies! Friday night we arrived and went straight to El Fenix... duh! Lyndsey had also flown in from NYC so my dad got to spend the weekend with his 4 favorite ladies!

Goode Girls!

Dad <3


Cat & her hostesses


Cat and the gift from Mom-o. Even though it was originally for Becky, so sweet none the less!

Cardwell Cousins!

Mom, Becky, and Eden

All four of us!


The bro and I

Awesome, I know! :)

So the weekend was a success and it was SO MUCH FUN hanging out with all the family and friends we were able to see. The Goode's will reunite again in October for the STATE FAIR, the actual wedding, and all that other stuff!



vicki said...

Yay for posting!! It was a good weekend and I look forward to the next one~!

I know Facebook is the happening place and blogs are so yesterday, yet, yesterday is where I mostly function, so it's good you remember all your old fans in the blog world with the monthly update. Lylaf

Jan Kelley said...

Veeves, you are the first to post shower pictures, so you gain a lot of points in my book. You know that must count for something. All of you girls look so lovely. Is that first picture of the beautiful blond girl with her hair pulled strasight back sitting by James (i think she is sitting by james)you. Man! You look movie- star beautiful. Pictures of Philip are so meaningful, because i feel it has been so long since i have seen him. I mainly remember him texting your mom while i entertained the homeless man who wanted a ride to Baird and was sitting in our back seat behind Philip and with Craig poised to give him the boot, literally, if it became necessary. Love that Phil and love those goode girls. jj

Jacci said...

haha. your mom's comments always crack me up. she's so cute.

i read this a while ago but i guess i didn't comment. i get excited when you update val!! miss you and can't wait to see you whenever that may be. :( love you lots and lots.

vicki said...

Jacci has always been my favorite. I can't think why...oh, yeah, she compliments me in print!! Yea, Jacci!