Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Because my life is just that exciting

Is it me or am I in serious need of blog facelift? Yikes.

I'm back in Dallas and all settled in. It's nice to be back in Texas but I'm missing Tucson. The mountains were awesome whereas the scenery here is... lacking. BUT, I made the right decision as I was going completely broke out there. :)

I'm now two weeks-ish in to my long-term sub job at a local elementary. Seriously, who would have ever thought I would be working with PreK!? Four and five year olds... it's a scary thought. But they've turned out to be pretty entertaining! I spend a few hours each day with the Bilingual class and I'm in there during the spanish part of the day. Very little of my HS spanish is coming back to me but I can sing you a "Days of the Week" song in spanish (to the tune of the Muensters theme song.)

I've got some hilarious stories but for the sake of those with weaker stomachs... I won't write about them! (My advice to those with kids: even when they're potty trained, have them pack an extra set of clothes in their backpack.) 3 more days and then a one week break for T-Give!

Unfortunately, there is no Peace Corps update which is driving me crazy. Patience is not my gift. (Although working with PreK, I do think it's improving!) I'm hoping that I'll find out in February or March. The PC powers that be told me that I should find out 2-3 months before my departure date in May.

In other news (the only other thing going on in my life) is that my dad and I pulled down my mom's old bike. I mean old, but awesome. Before it was done I asked her how long she'd had it. She figured about 50 years or so. When we got it down, I saw the license plate on the bike that expired in September of 1955. Who knew bikes used to have license plates? That bike is a classic! My dad and I are now on a slow moving project to fix up the bike. (It's still the original... basket, tassels, all! There is a missing kick stand which is kind of a problem.) Pictures to come!

Man, that was an update. Back to my current book: Three Cups of Tea. (It's a good one too, look it up.)


vicki said...

for the record, those tassels are only 30 years old. I jazzed up the look when I was a single girl riding bikes in the Village.

Carrie Jo Howard said...

I know it's super cliche and very pop culture... but I'm reading Twilight... and it rocks. You should check it out... :) love youuuu!

Jan Kelley said...

You are in the classroom and your mom is in the liberry. How cool is that? I want to hear some classrooom stories. I wish i could see you in this scenario.I can imagine you tooling around the Branch on that bike. I had one too. Norman painted mine flouresent orange for me to ride in the 80's, but then gave it to Goodwill. If only i had known Vicki still had hers, i would have given you mine and you could have fixed up both of them for you and a friend. I cant wait to see the pictures. love to you.

Jan Kelley said...

It's not you. You need a blog facelift. This layout is so not you. jk

Melanie L said...

I always say that patience is my least developed fruit of the spirit. :) And I think you're an adorable pre-k sub!

Melanie L said...

p.s. Did you know Jennifer Walker at ACU? She does blog layouts now as a side job...check her out! http://pinkarmchairdesigns.blogspot.com/

Lauren said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuute layout! i'm impressed. what is that pic with the ferris wheel in the bottom left?