Tuesday, December 09, 2008

the cops were just at my house...

Seriously. They were just at the house. Here's why:

Phil and I went to dinner tonight for his birthday. (The parents are at another Christmas party.) Anyways, I turned on the alarm tonight just for the thrill of it. We came home, I reminded Phil I turned the alarm on and we went inside. About 7 minutes into being home the phone rang and it was the FB police department.

Whatever code he put in turned the alarm off at the house but sent a panic alert to the police station. The lady on the phone said that the police were at the front door. And lo and behold, there they were. (Both attractive... but married.)

Needless to say, Phil didn't realize the parents got a new alarm system a year or so ago and put in his code that he created back in junior high. Obviously it's no longer valid. But I give my props to the FBPD for responding so quickly!

Once dad gets home we might need to make Philip a new code...

Happy 26th birthday to the broski.

And happy spring break to mom and I since we now have our plane tickets and hotel reservations to NYC! Goode girls trip galore. Cather, you better make it!

It'll be like this + Vic <3
Pic from NYC Vacay Extravagazna Feb 2008


Lyndsey said...

Almost like that. My coat no longer fits and I stole the scarf Catherine's wearing. But yeah, plus Vic. Hurray Vic! Sorry I woke you up - probably should've read more than the title before I picked up the phone. But really, what do you expect when you leave Brother Goode & Baby Goode unsupervised?

Jan Kelley said...

Only in "the Brasnch" whre you peope still have a feeling of "let's really take care of our own." Thanks to Phil for making his birthday more than just an ordinary day of celebration of his entering this world for us to love.

Lauren said...

haha! Good thing Caden wasnt there--he HATES alarms. He still talks about the time on New year's eve when Seth set ours off...it was traumatizing.
We miss you.

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Married cops huh? Pshhhh... flash them that "come hither" Val Goode smile and they'll be begging for more. ha! LOVE YOU!

sj said...

I want to know about the trip to NYC??? Is that really happening or has it all ready occurred?
I join you in pride for the FBPD...a fine group, I'm sure!