Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Am Second

Matt Mazza preached this morning on regret. At the end of it he showed a clip of some churches Cardboard Testimonies. Most people have probably seen this by now but I just wanted to share again. Here is the link for RHCC's Cardboard Testimonies. I turned to Lauren during church and told her I've cried everytime I watch these... which still proves to be true!

There's also the website I Am Second. Some of the video clips on there are amazing stories. If you have a few extra minutes go check it out! This one is probably my favorite! If you don't know what this one is... seriously go look at it and learn what it means!

Point is... I'm very glad I went to church today and thankful to be able to hear these people's stories.


Lauren said...

amen! i just watched all the videos and have been in prayer about my life and the changes i want to make in it since church this morning. ily

vicki said...

Those are truly powerful testimonies to God's power to work in our lives. Glad you posted, cause it makes us think about priorities every time we check your blog post.

Catherine said...

Wow! What an awesome website. Thanks for pointing that out!