Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...With the Twilight series that is! And I loved it. Now if only I could find my own Edward Cullen. :) Kidding of course... kinda. But for my book review... the first book was my favorite. They're all good of course - I did finish the four in about two weeks or so!

Now I've got to finish reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Perhaps I've found my calling... as a middle school librarian! (Not until after I go change the world in Bulgaria!) I just can't get enough of those books for ages 10-15!!! :)

Otherwise, the Bulgaria countdown is still going. From today (1/27), I have 111 days until May 19. I think it seems like a long time but it's right around 3.5 months. And I've known I was going to Bulgaria for two months and that time's just flown by. Cuh-razy.

Who knows... maybe I'll be here:

Or here.

I don't think I'll complain either way.


Catherine said...

I won't complain when i get to visit either!! How beautiful! I am so excited for you about what you are going to witness in those 27 months. What an adventure! I should be starting book 1 of Twilight with in a week or so. Still have to finish The Ragamuffin Gospels first!!

Chelsea said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I don't think that I'd complain either!! I'm praying for you, I can't wait to read about all the things you do while you are there!!

vicki said...

Okay, I just attempted to post and got a blogger error message...who do they think they are dealing with here?? Well, somebody who's comment is lost in the ozone...oh well.

So, just saying, hope the Bulgarian environs don't make you hesitate to return to The Branch. And don't be looking around for a Bulgarian Edward Cullen! Satisfy yourself with a Bulgarian translation of Twilight to bring back as a souvenir. And wouldn't that be a fun way to practice your language reading skills.

Lyndsey said...

I vote for picture #2! But I will be perfectly happy to stay in your yert regardless of where it is located. I'm also struggling (but dealing) with yall drinking the Twilight Koolaid. I do however think that you'd be a fabulous libraian - you and Vic can go into business together!

Jan Kelley said...

I am stunned at the beauty of Bulgaria. God has such surprises in store for you and for those of us who are able to come visit you. His handywork is really really spectacularly awesome. May His richest blessings be with you. I wonder what He has in store for you, my little precious one. Thanks for posting.

Jan Kelley said...

Veeves, I really like your new cover page for your blog. What do we call the cover page of a blog? Whatever it is called, I really like yours. Again, I am stunned by the beauty of Bulgaria.