Monday, February 02, 2009

History Lesson

Dang... does anyone else find those Jared's Jewelers commercials as annoying as I do? Good gracious!

Anyways, here is a short History lesson about my future residence.

Capital: Sofia
President: Georgi Parvanov
Prime Minister: Sergei Stanishev
Population: 7.97 million
Major language: Bulgarian (Cyrillic alphabet)
Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox Christian (85%), Muslim (12%), Catholic (1%), Other (1%)
Other: Joined the EU in 2007; Poorest country in the EU

That's all I've got for now... more to come the more I learn. Anything specific y'all want to know??

And quick shout out to CJ... can't WAIT til you're here. Just a few more days!


vicki said...

My Sweet makes me think of your very first words: "That's annoying me!" We knew at once you were gifted,of course, though a bit picky for a tiny tot. ah, well, at least you know your own mind, and btw, thanks for the history lesson.

Lyndsey said...

Have no idea what you're talking about with those commercials - am obviously missing something important by not living in Texas!
I feel like I need to start brushing up on my Bulgarian history, too! Keep it coming!

Catherine said...

Amen brother ben! Help me learn help me learn!

Jan Kelley said...

I think the Jared commercials are stoooopid----i can so not imagine everyone in the room saying with a giant smile, "He went to Jared's".....i agree with you whole heartedly regarding Jared and his customers. As regards to the Bulgaria facts: I am loving your attempt to edumacate us kids. What do the people do for a living? Are they farmers?