Saturday, May 30, 2009

Population 1000

Dear Sandy and Kathy,
This post is dedicated to YALL proving that I actually do live in a village and not a ski resort <3

Cool house right in the city center

This is what I see every morning on the way to school.

Dan and the center

Meg, Bulgarian and Zagorka


Spiderman was at school on Friday!

Can you find Spiderman, Batman and the Ninja Turtle? Presh.

AMAZING food... Pitka, Banitsa, and sweet things that tasted like cookie dough. (See what I mean about the carbs here?!)

Rain coming in over the mountains

Toni, Meg, Dan, Chris and CJ after school with the rain on the way!

Believe me now?!?


vicki said...

Okay, Veeves. Maybe not a resort, but there is no denying picturesque! How about some pix of your (Emi's) house and your room, the garden, etc? Some of us are visual learners. Gotta go, I'm half through Breaking Dawn...good grief, what is left to happen in the last half?????

Catherine said...

Love it! Thank you for keeping us posted when you can! We all appreciate it!

Emily said...

Aw, it's so precious! Can't wait to hear all about it and see more pics! I agree with Vicki, I wanna see the pics of your home. I hope you are picking up some really good recipes there to cook/teach me when you get home because all that food looks so yummy!

Обичам ви много
(love you very much)

Jan Kelley said...

I am so glad you are chronicling this day by day. Some of this you will remember only when looking back on how far you've come in your Bulgaria life. love you. jj